About Us

Merchant Gold Capital Corporation has been in business since 2010 and believe our clients' successes run parallel with our own. 


MGC. Going global....one relationship at a time. 



Please meet our CEO below. 




Anthony Kahraman

Founder & CEO



With a background in Banking and Finance, Mr. Kahraman founded Merchant Gold Capital Corporation in 2010. Maintaining a perspective of "partner" to all of his clients' endeavors, he advises them from beginning to end while validating their trust. Having the will to overcome any challenge whether big or small, he relentlessly demonstrates the passion to get results. Utilizing an extensive knowledge of residential mortgages, various commercial sectors and the bylaws of finance is what sets him apart. By taking the time to fully assess each client's business, he validates the ability of understanding the complexities and dynamics of connecting people and companies alike, finding investors and more importantly, earning his clients' trust. 


Mr. Kahraman's corporate journey started in the mid 2000's. After gaining valuable experience in sales by acquiring and establishing new relationships for Continental Home Loans, Inc. Possessing the know-how and invaluable skill of networking in order to connect the dots, he single-handedly secured strategic partnerships with globally renowned firms, as well as many other private equity firms, attorney's, investment bankers, and venture capitalists. Once a nationally recognized athlete and multi-sport captain, he developed the necessary resilience of a never-quit attitude and the perseverance which proves crucial to achieving success.